Sometimes when you try and login to a service that you access through your Microsoft Office 365 account and you are using Two (or Multi) Factor Authentication (2FA or MFA) it doesn't work and you're stuck on the authentication screen. We see infrequent issues with the service from time to time, across different device types. Here are some steps you can take if this is the case. 

  1. If you are logging into an application, eg Skype for Business or Outlook, quit the application.
  2. Login again and enter your password. 
  3. When you are asked for your authentication method, try the normal method you use.
  4. If that fails, try a different method; for example, if you receive a text normally choose a phone call. 
  5. If that fails, and you are logging in via a browser, start the process again, but from a private or incognito window. 
  6. Generally that will fix everything. If you still can't login, then you may be trying to login to an application that doesn't support Two Factor Authentication. In that case you may need to Setup an App Password for Microsoft Office 365 and use the app password for this.