If you're looking to choose a new Mac for yourself or business then assuming you are using it for 'normal' office use (surfing the internet, using Microsoft Office applications, email and so on) we recommend the following minimum spec:

Operating System

MacOS 10.14.6


2-core Intel i5 Processor or more.


8GB RAM or more.


250GB SSD or more.

DisplayWith the Apple Retina Display, any new Mac comes with a great display.

This shouldn't be a consideration if you are buying for normal office use.

If you have specific requirements around driving the Apple XDR display or multiple 4K (or higher) monitors, then you will need to look carefully at the Graphics Capabilities of the Mac. 

Some points to note

  1. With their aluminium unibody design, Macbook's are built to last and we typically see them lasting longer than PCs - four or five years is not uncommon. Unfortunately, all Mac laptops are now not able to be upgraded; the RAM is soldered to the main board and disks are not standard, meaning that whether you buy a Macbook Air, Macbook Pro or Macbook, you need to make sure you are choosing something that has the capacity to grow a bit as your needs might change longer term. 
  2. iMac's, the Mac mini are difficult to upgrade and less and less is able to be upgraded as new model's are announced. 
  3. Mac Pro's are a longer story in terms of upgrading. But I don't think you should be considering one of these for 'normal' office use. 

Do get in touch with us if you're looking for advice on the best Mac for your setup.