If you need access to your file share from your iPhone or iPad, follow this guide.

You will need to get the config file from Stellarise, which will be emailed to your work account.  There may be an issue downloading the file from Outlook app on your device, please forward to a Gmail or Hotmail account and then download the file on your iPhone or iPad.

Important Note

Please install the OpenVPN Connect app from the App Store: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/openvpn-connect/id590379981

Setup OpenVPN on your iOS device

  1. Stellarise will send you an email with an attachment that needs to be downloaded using your iDevice
    1. If you are not able to download from your Microsoft account forward the email to Gmail or Hotmail and download from there

  2. Once Downloaded you will get an option to "open in", please select this and a list will appear

  3. Scroll left to the end of the apps list and click the three dots that signify more apps at the end.

  4. Scroll Down the list the pops up until you see Copy to OpenVPN, and select it.

  5. This will open the OpenVPN app you installed previously and will allow you to import the file.
    1. Click on the text "Add" 

    2. The Next page will allow you to change the name of your VPN to make it easier to identify:
      1. Profile Name: Can be anything you desire but usually "CompanyName VPN" e.g. Jamjam VPN
      2. Username: This will usually be your normal PC login unless Stellarise has set up otherwise. 
      3. Password: This will usually be your normal PC login password unless Stellarise has set up otherwise.

      4. Click Add on the top right side of the screen and you will get the following screen, where you can turn on your VPN on your iDevice

Access your Files on iDevice

Please make sure that you have updated your iPhone or/and iPad to the latest version of iOS, as you may not have access to the Files application otherwise.
  1. Open the app "Files"
  2. You will be introduced to a page with access to different folders on your iDevice
  3. Click on the 3 dots above the Browse section (can be found on top right on an iPhone), three options will be presented.  Choose "Connect to Server"Related articles

  4. In the next Window, you will be asked for server information (this information will be given to you by Stellarise), enter the details that you have been given for your file server and click Connect

  5. Another username and password dialogue will pop up, use the normal login credentials that you login with to your PC, unless told otherwise by Stellarise.
  6. The file server will appear on your list in the shared section, you can then access your files.

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