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  1. Click on the icon on the top right of your screen of the page (this will either have your initials or a picture)

  2. Click on MyAccount

  3. Click on 'Additional security verification under ""Update Info" under Security info".
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  4. You now need to setup the additional security verification method. You can have more than one method and you can choose between:

    1. A text message sent to your mobile
    2. A phone call
    3. The Microsoft Authenticatorapp (which runs on your phone) For iOS devices, download it from the app store here: and for Android devices, download it from google play here:
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    Once you have set up your additional security verification(s) click Next

    As the final step of the process, you will be given an app specific password, which can be used to login to applications or devices that don't support 2FA.

    Copy and Save the password somewhere temporarily. One application that needs this app password is Microsoft Outlook, so shutdown and restart Outlook. You will be asked for your password. Instead of your normal password, use the app password you have saved. 

    From now on when you login with your Microsoft Office 365 account, for example when you log into, you will be required to use the second factor you have set up.