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First Stellarise Connector for Dynamics 365 and Xero version to be reported in!

Stellarise Connector for Dynamics 365 and Xero

User Guide

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What is Stellarise Connector for Dynamics 365 and Xero?

for Dynamics 365 and Xero quickly syncs invoices, payments, and accounts between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Xero systems.

An Intelligent Connection

Stellarise Connector for Dynamics 365 and Xero intelligently moves the right information from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Xero, allowing you to mix and match Existing products alongside Write-In products in each invoice. Choose whether you want Dynamics 365 to create new Xero contacts, or only push through invoices for those existing already. Similarly, you can choose if you want Dynamics 365 to create new Xero Items, or only create an invoice if these exist already.

Easy to Manage

Never be left in the dark as to why an invoice failed to make it through to Xero. Built-in Sync history gives you full visibility on any sync issues for each invoice putting you in control, so you can resolve them.

Fully Customisable

Our easily configured standard plans are suitable for most users. But if you have custom fields in Dynamics 365 that you want to sync across to Xero, no problem, Stellarise Connector for Dynamics 365 and Xero can cope. Contact us to discuss your custom configuration requirements and we can quickly customise your template to sync anything you need.

What is new?

Stellarise Connector for Dynamics 365 and Xero continuously evolves itself. Here the list of new features you can use when connecting your Dynamics to your Xero with Stellarise Connector for Dynamics and Xero.

Xero API TLS 1.0 Deprecation

Ensured the connector is compliant with latest Xero security standards.

All settings centralised in your Dynamics 365 instance

We've simplified the way you manage connections by moving the configuration settings from the Stellarise portal to Dynamics 365. Each of the settings are now in your 'DynamicsXeroConnector Settings' Dynamics entity and are widely described in the entity itself.

Create User documentation (video and docs)

More complete user documentation.

Handle Cancellations of invoices in Dynamics and Xero

If you delete an invoice in Dynamics we delete the related invoice in Xero, if its status is in 'draft'. If in Xero the invoice is already approved, we void the Xero invoice and create a Xero credit note. No longer need to manually update Xero with cancellations.

Add amount due to invoices in Dynamics

You can now see the amount that is due on an invoice in Dynamics so this makes it easier for you to chase payments. You can also see the outstanding amount per Dynamics Customer!

Clear error message in Dynamics on Xero authorisation problems

More details on error messages so you can better understand Xero issues when troubleshooting connection problems.

Microsoft App Source update with new solution

You can install the Stellarise Connector for Dynamics and Xero directly from the Microsoft App Source.

Fixed issue about duplicating connections in Dynamics

Removed the 'DynamicsXeroConnector' Dynamics entity creation from the periodic batch script.
Now Stellarise Connector for Dynamics and Xero immediately creates the 'DynamicsXeroConnector' Dynamics entity at the connection creation.

How do you setup Stellarise Connector for Dynamics 365 and Xero?

Our products portal is available on

Existing users can login to our portal using their registered email and password.
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New users can register their details by clicking on the "Register" link on the left top corner.
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Once the user successfully registers and logs in to our portal, it can create new connections, manage its existing connection settings and subscriptions, and amend their billing details using the main menu on the portal.
Click on "Create a New Connection" button
Select the connection type from the dropdown.

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Please note, by registering on our portal you will have access to all our public apps.
Once you have selected "New Dynamics Xero Connector", you will be taken to the connection setup page. On this page, you can find useful information and videos that will help you to setup the connection.
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In the connection page, the first step is to connect to Xero and give permission for our connector to access your Xero Organisation data. Please note, our connector does not store any data coming from your Xero or Dynamics 365 instances, it just syncs the data between the two systems.
Click on "Connect to Xero" button to allow Stellarise Connector to access your Xero endpoint. You will be taken to the Xero login page, where you have to login to Xero with your credentials.
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Once you have logged in, you need select the Organisation you want to be synchronised and click on the "Allow access". Then you will be redirected back to our portal.
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If the connection was successful, you will see your Xero company name and a green sign instead of the original "Connect to Xero" button.
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You now need to install our solution into your Dynamics 365 instance and setup the connection to your Dynamics 365 Organisation.
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When you have downloaded the .zip file containing our solution, install it into Dynamics 365. To do this, enter your Dynamics 365 Instance and go to Settings > Solutions as showed in the picture below.
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Click on the 'import solution' button, select the downloaded .zip file and follow the installation flow provided by Dynamics365.
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Once our solution is installed into your Dynamics 365 instance, the connection details can be completed on the Stellarise Connector web page: click on the 'Connect to Dynamics' button, allow Stellarise App to access your Dynamics Organisation information (as per Xero) and then select your Organisation when requested:

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Please note, the Dynamics user must have the following permissions:

  1. Invoice entity: read-write

  2. Invoice detail entity: read-write

  3. Product entity: read

  4. System user entity: read

  5. Account entity: read-write

  6. Contact entity: read-write

  7. Stl3_dynamicsxeroconnector entity: read-write

  8. Stl3_brandingtheme entity: read-write

  9. Stl3_chartofaccounts entity: read-write

  10. Stl3_stellariseconnectorsettings entity: read-write

  11. Stl3_synchistory entity: read-write

  12. Stl3_taxtype entity: read-write

  13. Stl3_xerodetails entity: read-write

As last step, you can set the defaults for the connector as you can see below:
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  1. Subscription: Select the plan you prefer to run your Stellarise connector.

  2. Time zone: Your Dynamics and Xero Timezone.

Before clicking on 'Create Connection' you cannot synchronise Tax Rates, Account Codes and Branding Themes from Xero to Dynamics 365. During the connection creation they are disabled; they will be enabled once you have created the connection.
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We are now all set; your free trial will start once you save the connection.
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Notes: once you click on 'Create Connection' you MUST check and change the default configuration values in Dynamics 365:
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  • Use Xero invoice number: If Yes, the Xero invoice numbering scheme will be used for the invoice in Xero. If this is set to No, then the Dynamics Invoice ID will be used as the Invoice Number in Xero.
  • Create new contacts in Xero: If Yes then products in Dynamics will be created as Inventory Items in Xero the first time that they are seen. If this is not ticked, then the invoice will still be created, but no inventory items will be created in Xero.
  • Create new products in Xero: If Yes, details from the Account or Contact against the Invoice in Dynamics will be used to create a Contact record in Xero. This is a one-time synchronisation only; subsequent changes either in Xero or Dynamics will not be copied across to the other system. If this is not ticked and the Contact record in Dynamics does not exist in Xero, then the Invoice will not be created in Xero. A Sync history record explaining why this has failed to be created in Xero will be attached to the invoice in Dynamics. You can use this feature to enforce a workflow that ensures that Invoices in Xero are only created for known contacts.
  • Default Xero invoice status: Sales invoices and purchase invoices sent from Dynamics to Xero can be in Draft, Submitted or Authorised status. Draft and Submitted invoices can be edited before they are approved. Either of these can be used to check an invoice prior to sending it out from Xero. With an Authorised invoice, only limited changes can be made.
  • Default Xero sales account code: The Default Sales Account Code is applied against your invoice lines, if you don't specify it. If the Tax Rate has not been set for the product in Xero, the Tax rate that has been set will also be used.
  • Default Xero purchase account code: The Default Purchase Account Code is applied against your bill lines, if you don't specify it. If the Tax Rate has not been set for the product in Xero, the Tax rate that has been set will also be used.
  • Create credit note automatically: If Yes, on cancellation a credit note will be automatically created and synced to Xero. If the invoice is DRAFT or SUBMITTED in Xero, when the invoice is cancelled in Dynamics we will just delete the draft invoice in Xero. If the invoice is APPROVED in Xero, when the invoice is cancelled in Dynamics we will create a credit note in Xero for the full invoice amount and apply it to that invoice. If the invoice is PAID in Xero, then a Sync history record will be created with the message: The Invoice is fully paid in Xero. If the invoice is PART PAID in Xero, then when the invoice is cancelled in Dynamics we will create a credit note in Xero for the full invoice amount. We will NOT apply it to that invoice - this will need to be manually carried out. If No, Dynamics 365 default cancellation process will be used and credit notes need to be created manually.

Update existing connection settings

You must do this step to have all your Xero Tax Rates, Account Codes and Branding themes imported into Dynamics 365. To update your existing connection and synchronise these entities, just click on the connection name in our portal.
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The synchronisation Center is now enabled and you can click on the synchronisation buttons to import all your required Xero data into Dynamics 365.
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Synchronisation MUST be done in the following order:

  1. Tax Rates

  2. Account Codes

  3. Branding Themes

Read carefully the messages in the pop window and after you clicked on 'Synchronise' button please wait for the answer that will appear right under the button! For Account Codes, this operation could even take minutes. 

Notes: Apart from the Synchronisation Center, all the other information needs a click on 'Update Connection' to actually save the changed details.

Pay for your connection

To pay for your connection, click on the "Subscribe Now" button under your connection name and follow the instructions. For other available payment options, please contact us at

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Amend you billing details

To change your billing details, click on the "Billing" menu option on the home screen.
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After you changed the details, click on the "Update Details" button to save your changes.

How does Stellarise Connector for Dynamics 365 and Xero work?

Stellarise Connector for Dynamics 365 and Xero syncs accounts, contacts and invoices from Dynamics 365 to Xero and syncs calculated tax, invoice status, contact outstanding and overdue amount from Xero to Dynamics.

Open/Create an invoice in Dynamics

Our Dynamics 365 solution adds new functionalities to your Dynamics instance. To see the Stellarise Connector for Dynamics 365 and Xero related information, create or open an existing invoice in Dynamics 365 and change the View using the form selector:
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The Dynamics 365 Invoice

Mandatory Invoice fields to allow the Stellarise Connector to correctly synchronise invoices are:

  • Price List

  • Data Delivered: the invoice will be synchronised only if this date is today or before. Invoices in the future will not be synchronised until today is the specified date.

  • Customer: can be Account or Contact

  • Product Lines

  • Stellarise Connector: set this only when you think that the invoice is ready to be synced.

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PRODUCTS Highlights.
Stellarise Connector for Dynamics 365 and Xero also synchronises products. The way it does this, is described by the following:
All the Dynamics invoice lines are synchronised with Xero, carrying the Description, possible Product code, Quantity, Unit Price, Tax rate, Currency, Account Code.
Tax Rate and Account Code can be anyway overwritten per single Invoice Line in Dynamics, simply double clicking on the invoice line and selecting the account code and the tax type.

  • If in Dynamics the product is a 'write-in' products, in Xero you will have an invoice line carrying a 'write-in' product as well.

  • If in Dynamics the product is an 'existing' product, in Xero you will have a proper Xero Product Entity and the invoice line using the Product Entity itself.

  • If in Dynamics the product is a 'write-in' having 0 (zero) amount and o (zero) quantity, then in Xero you will have an empty line just reporting the description, meant to be a Note or a comment.

Sync the invoice with Xero

Our connector is scheduled to run every 5 minutes. If there are invoices that need to be synced, we will download them and sync them with Xero. In case of success or error, the Stellarise Connector creates a 'Sync History' record against the invoice with the sync details. In case of error, Stellarise Connector prints the error reason as well.
Sync History table as shown below is reported in every Dynamics 365 Invoice entity.
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If the sync was successful, our connector will update the following fields:
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  1. Invoice ID: The Dynamics Invoice name.

  1. Xero Invoice Number: The related invoice number in Xero.

  1. Xero Invoice Status: Status of the Xero Invoice (draft, authorized etc.).

  1. Xero Invoice URL: a clickable hyperlink that brings you straightforward to the Xero invoice.

  2. Export Status: If sync was successful this field will be set to "Yes". If the sync process failed, this field will be set to "Failed". In both of cases you are able to see the Sync History in every Dynamics Invoice.

  1. Export Date: The date when our connector last synced this invoice with Xero.

  1. Tax: If a Tax Rate has been set against the Dynamics 365 Invoice Lines, our connector sends the Tax Rate to Xero, which will calculate the tax amount. Stellarise Connector will sync back this value to the Dynamics 365 Invoice.

Sync payments from Xero

Once an invoice is fully paid in Xero, our connector will sync back the changes and mark the invoice in Dynamics 365 as "Paid".
Image Added Below, see at a Xero invoice example reporting 'AMOUNT DUE' to 0 (zero). This means that the invoice in Xero is fully paid.

Image Added In Dynamics you will see the following result:

Account and contact outstanding and overdue amount in Dynamics

We sync back the contact outstanding and overdue amount from Xero to Dynamics 365. This is available to view in the Stellarise Connector form for Dynamics 365 Contacts, viewable by selecting the Stellarise Account and Contact views in Dynamics 365.
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How to troubleshoot Stellarise Connector for Dynamics 365 and Xero issues?

When the sync process fails on an invoice, the Xero export status will be set to "Failed" and a new "Sync History" item will be created against the Dynamics Invoice with the error details. If you can solve the problem on the invoice then you need to change the Xero export status from "Failed" to "No", so our connector will pick it up on the next run and will try to sync again. To change the Export status, double click on the Dynamics table "Xero Details" and change as shown in picture:
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If you cannot solve the problem based on the error details in the Dynamics 365 "Sync History" record, you can contact us at, with your error details and we will assist you with the solution.